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Advanced Planning

When you are planning with our funeral home, we are here to offer peace of mind for yourself and the loved ones you will leave behind. We always take the time to get to know your hobbies, work history, and civic organizations you may be a part of so we can customize a funeral package just for you. We will provide everything you or your family will need for comfort. Additionally, we will go over expenses, cemetery location, type of service, and anything else we can do to celebrate your life. Please call us or our pre-need specialist Mr. Conrad Johnson for a quote toll-free or 708-756-2310.


With our cremation services, we are able to make it as elaborate or simple as you desire. We will perform the ceremonial services while providing the preferred option of final disposition. For your satisfaction, our beautiful funeral home facility has a scatter garden for spreading ashes of remains, our facility was also given an award for excellent appearance.

Cremation Packages:

  • Platinum – Premium Cremation Casket; Urn; 3 piece Flowers; Fancy Colored Programs Pkg. or Prayer Cards; Day of Visitation; Death Certificates; Limo.
  • Gold – Basic Cremation Casket; Urn; 3 piece Flowers; Basic Programs or Prayer Cards; Day of Visitation; Death Certificates.
  • Silver – Casket Rental; Memorial Service; Casket Spray; Basic Programs or Prayer Cards; Death Certificate (Chapel Service Only)
  • Bronze – Memorial Service; Memorial Cards; Death Certificate

Traditional Funeral Packages

For this service, we have packages to fit any and all budgets. You have the option to receive a day of visitation from 4 - 8 p.m. with the funeral ceremony scheduled the following day. For your convenience, we will sit down and customize your needs into one affordable package, including the funeral luncheon, prepast or repast. Additionally, you can order your flowers, colored obituary programs or prayer cards, headstones, burial vaults, caskets. (We do make Housecalls). Please call us for a quote toll-free or 708-756-2310.


After the services are complete, we also provide referrals for grief counselors to help you in your time of need. At our funeral home, we understand that you may have a difficult time adjusting after the loss of a loved one. We offer complimentary grief counseling to help in that adjustment. We are here for you, so let us know and we will do anything we can to help.

 Contact our funeral home in Chicago Heights, Illinois, for grief counseling, cremation, and funeral services.

Mention "funerals" and most people instantly think of sadness and death. But is that accurate? Think a bit more, and you'll realize that funerals are really for the living - a chance to celebrate a loved one's life. Of course, you can't ignore the powerful feelings of loss and grief that death brings. But wouldn't we have those feelings, even if funerals were not a part of our culture?

A funeral, then, allows people to gather, to share and express those feelings in an atmosphere that lets them know they are not alone. It acknowledges the loss that the living are experiencing and strengthens the mutual support we need to carry on without the one who has died.

Just as important, a funeral is also a final tribute at which we celebrate a person's unique life, take stock of why that person was special, and emphasize the memories that will survive and inspire us. No matter our ethnic or national heritage, no matter what religion we practice (or even if we don't), a funeral is an important ritual of life.

What Funeral Directors Offer

If funerals were easy, we could do our own. But especially in today's complicated world, that would be unwise just form a legal perspective. From a personal perspective, the death of a loved one arouses emotions that leave the living ill-prepared to handle all the issues and details on short notice.

Funeral directors are professionally trained and licensed to organize these important rituals. Ask why they chose the profession, and they will invariably say something like: "I wanted to help people through difficult times." They empathize with the bereaved, thoroughly understand grief and grieving, and are prepared to help us cope no matter what our individual feelings and thoughts might be.

Wouldn't you like to have something thoughtfully and thoroughly prepared for that inevitable day?


Whether you're considering your own or a loved one's mortality, one of the kindest things you can do is make final arrangements well in advance. The more thoroughly you plan, the greater these benefits will become.

  • Less stress for loved ones. As they gather to mourn in one of life's most trying periods, time to support one another becomes priceless. The pressure of having to make funeral and burial arrangements and collecting vital information steals that time.
  • Focus on life. When you can sit down calmly, at your own pace and schedule, you can reflect pretty clearly on a person's life - your own or a loved one's. You can create a funeral plan that accurately reflects how you want that person to be remembered. And if you remember a key detail a week later, it's not too late.
  • Cost containment. At times of grief, survivors are ill-prepared to make rational financial decisions. When a funeral is fully (or even mostly) prepaid, they won't have to face major bills - and more of the estate will be available for favorite people or causes.

In other words, prearrangement allows you to take control, to ease stress, to create final memories as you want them to be, and to avoid sudden or needless costs. 

To schedule a meeting, please call us at (708) 756-2310.

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